Oh hiiiii!

So if you’re reading this it’s probably because you clicked the link I posted on my Facebook! Thanks for checking my blog out! As you probably know I posted a little status on my FB the other day asking if I were to make a food blog if anyone would check it out. I was pretty surprised that I got such a good response!

I have people frequently ask me for my recipes and I’m always glad to share, but this is much easier then emailing/messaging 5 people the same thing, plus, I’m always losing recipes, having to go and search my hundreds of Pinterest pins to find one particular one, so maybe this will help me keep track of my faves!

I do want to say that I seldom EVER make up any of the things I cook, it is rare, but I do sometimes. I will always give kudos to the original blog from which I found it. Other than that I hope all my lovely friends enjoy all my cooking and baking adventures! 🙂


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