Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

There are few foods I love more in the universe more than the ones used in this recipe…bacon…jalapenos…cream cheese…brown sugar…It’s like these things were MEANT to be together…like it’s God’s will that these foods be wed into some delicious concoction.

This is such a cheap party food to make, only 4 ingredients and you get to brag that it didn’t come from a box in the freezer section. It takes a bit to get all together and prepped, but it’s far worth the effort. I have some words of advice though -for those of you whom have never worked with jalapenos for any extensive period of time- wear some rubbers! Gloves that is…unless you like for your fingertips to burn for like 3 days

First thing you need to do is wash those fresh jalapenos, slice them down the middle lengthwise and clean out the membranes and seeds…although I usually leave a few in there because it gives them a little -more- heat…I usually cut the tippy top and stems off but…it’s more of a personal choice I guess. Next grab your cream cheese and completely fill them as full as you would like and then sprinkle a nice amount of brown sugar on top. I’ve found that the more, the merrier. I’m not saying put a mound of brown sugar on there, but maybe a pinch and a half -is that a real measurement?- per jalapeno half.

Then, grab your toothpicks and the cheapest, thinnest bacon you can buy and wrap them up all up in that delicious bacon blanket and use a toothpick to secure it in place. I stress the importance of using the cheapest bacon you can find (I usually pick up Gwantly brand…not sure if that spelling is correct) because otherwise you will be waiting for the bacon to cook all the way through. I’ve tried both and thin is the best way to go for these babies…

As for cooking these, I -and my father- firmly believe the grill gives them the best flavor, but make sure you put a piece of tin foil below them so they don’t turn black on the bottoms. My personal favorite thing to do is get a large metal bowl and make a little dome over them so the tops and bottoms cook at a more even rate.

You can also cook them in the oven, they still taste amazing but it always seems to take different amounts of time depending on the oven and how thick your bacon is…but if you have a grill…fire that thing up and use it! Grills give food such amazing flavor.

I have yet to find someone that doesn’t love these. People always ask me for the recipe and they seem to disappear in like 2.5 seconds…which is why the photo above is NOT my finished product. I pulled them off the grill and before I knew it they were gone…but the other pics were taken by me. Enjoy! 🙂

You’ll need…

  • Ten fresh jalapenos
  • One 8oz cube of cream cheese
  • One package of the cheapest, thinnest bacon you can find
  • Brown sugar to taste (I would guess I use about 3tbsp)

To make…

  • Slice jalapenos length wise and clean out seeds and membranes
  • Fill with cream cheese and sprinkle desired amount of brown sugar on top
  • Wrap bacon around halved jalapenos and secure with toothpick (I prefer to use half a slice of bacon per half jalapeno
  • Grill or bake until bacon is cooked through
  • Enjoy!

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